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noun, plural: pili

(microbiology) Short, filamentous projection on a bacterial cell, used not for motility but for adhering to other bacterial cell (especially for mating) or to animal cells.


Bacterial pili are involved in cell adhesion. Specialized structures (called sex pili) have an important role in conjugation with another bacterial cell. The major constituent of a pilus is a protein called pilin.

Word origin: a combining form meaning “hair,”


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I am trying to do a concept map here are the words: bacteriophage, conjugation, deletion, F pilus, frameshift, genotype changes, insertion, mutation, naked DNA, recombination, competent cell transduction, transformation. Does the frameshift would it go under it's own ...

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Bacterial Genetics Project

... out what materials I need. Is there some way to label a phage and observe the passing of genetic material from one cell to the other through the pilus? I only have access to a light microscope. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you

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Inheritance of T3SS pilus

... immediate answer and I feel that I am missing some pertinent information. I believe the question would be concerning the inheritance of the T3SS pilus. Any help explaining whether this point is valid or faulty would be appreciated. His argument goes as follows: The LOGICAL flow chart for this ...

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fimbriae and pili are confusing terms

If my memory serves me right, the pili, specifically the F-pilus facilitates conjugation. Initially, it was thought that the pili was where the DNA passes through but it was shown that the site od DNA transfer was through another opening in the membranes; ...

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The Fiber Disease

... species orientation? The caps here, are they in Anstroms? (sp). Will see if can find...more on later dates of this> Tt, pilA mutant expressing pilus-like structures...... http://iai.asm.org/cgi/content/full/73/3/1635/F5 Skytroll

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