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Photosystem I



The photosystem that makes use of light to transfer electron particualrly from plastocyanin to ferredoxin, and whose reaction center chlorophyll is P700.


Photosystem I is named I because it is first discovered before photosystem II. In fact, in plants and algae where two photosystems exist, the flow of electron begins at photosystem II.

Compared with photosystem II, the photosystem I is more complex in structure. It has a more complex antenna system, has more subunits in its overall structure, and may exhibit cyclic or non-cyclic electron transfer from the excited P700 to the electron acceptor.

Abbreviation: PS I

Compare: photosystem II

See also: P700

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I just taught that course (gr 12 photosynthesis): It appears that it is probably extremely unclear. I think it uses 4 photons per photosystem for each H2O broken. But since you need a mix of cyclic and non cyclic light reactions to produce anough ATP and NADPH, and that the cyclic reactions ...

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Is this statement true? Photosystem II is at highe energy level than Photosystem I.

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... respiration (as mith said) think how mitochondrias work ( the thylakloid membranes and ETC's and then the chemeoosmosis) and compare that with photosystem... an abvious answer it is a big NO... and the reasons you can get even by thinking a little good luck thinking ;) thhough if you still ...

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Re: Why do intact chloroplasts fluoresce?

... acceptor. So at what point is energy released as light? Thanks for your reply. Don't they drop back down to near the ground state when going from Photosystem II to Photosystem I? Would that cause the fluorescence in intact photosystems?

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... electron sink in respiration. 15) RUBISCO is optimally evolved to work in an oxygen atmosphere. 16) The chlorophyll A molecules of the two photosystems are chemically different which causes their difference in absorbance spectra. 17) The large +G of life (all life collectively) is ultimately ...

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