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1. Any fresh water fish of the genus perca and of several other allied genera of the family Percidae, as the common American or yellow perch (Perca flavescens, or Americana), and the European perch (P. Fluviatilis).

2. Any one of numerous species of spiny-finned fishes belonging to the Percidae, Serranidae, and related families, and resembling, more or less, the true perches. Black perch. The black bass. The flasher. The sea bass. Blue perch, the cunner. Gray perch, the fresh water drum. Red perch, the rosefish. Red-bellied perch, the long-eared pondfish. Perch pest, a small crustacean, parasitic in the mouth of the perch. Silver perch, the yellowtail. Stone, or striped, perch, the pope. White perch, the Roccus, or Morone, Americanus, a small silvery serranoid market fish of the atlantic coast.

Origin: OE. Perche, F. Perche, L. Perca, fr. Gr.; cf. Dark-coloured, Skr. Pni spotted, speckled, and E. Freckle. To come to rest, settle; Misfortune lighted upon him.

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... progress of these organisms. I do know he is talking the animals that I dissected from the animal kingdom which are: clams, starfish, crawfish, perch, and fetal pig can someone give me an example of how he wants me to do this.(Please don use the above animals; that for me to do) any animal would ...

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Fetal Pig Dissection

... - the sows are impregnated purposely so that the fetuses become another "product." Only the rats and frogs (and maybe the sharks and perch) are specifically bred for dissection. But nobody has soft-and-fuzzy feelings for rats...

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Fertilizing eggs

... eggs externally...My cockteil keeps laying them and they sit and sit, diligently...No little birds, ever...He won't touch her...He does hump his perch though...I wish he would get smart but this is like the 5th batch that I know he won't figure it out now...Any advice? :D

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The Fiber Disease

... frequently seen clinging to sponges and gorgonians on the deep water banks of Sneezy and Wicked. Although they appear permanently attached, they perch with a cluster of claw-like cirri, and if disturbed can swim briefly by rapidly flapping their arms

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