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1. To strike with something thrown or driven; to assail with pellets or missiles, as, to pelt with stones; pelted with hail. The children billows seem to pelt the clouds. (Shak)

2. To throw; to use as a missile. My Phillis me with pelted apples plies. (Dryden)

Origin: OE. Pelten, pulten, pilten, to thrust, throw, strike; cf. L. Pultare, equiv. To pulsare (v. Freq. Fr. Pellere to drive), and E. Pulse a beating.

1. The skin of a beast with the hair on; a raw or undressed hide; a skin preserved with the hairy or woolly covering on it. See 4th fell. Raw pelts clapped about them for their clothes. (Fuller)

2. The human skin.

3. (Science: veterinary) The body of any quarry killed by the hawk. Pelt rot, a disease affecting the hair or wool of a beast.

Origin: Cf. G. Pelz a pelt, fur, fr. OF. Pelice, F. Pelisse (see Pelisse); or perh. Shortened fr. Peltry.

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water animal

... are destructive of habitat for native species and a real pest in Louisiana and parts of Texas and Mississippi. People have hunted them for their pelts and even tried to sell the meat as being good to eat. I simply can't eat anything that looks that much like a rat.

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by sorrels
Tue Oct 24, 2006 4:17 pm
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In regards to 'species'

... in the southeast, is now extinct in the wild. The authors examined the mtDNA sequence of red wolves (zoo animals and from DNA obtained from museum pelts from 1905 to 1930) as well as grey wolves and coyotes. (The red wolf occurred only in regions where grey wolves and coyotes were.) When they analysed ...

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by clarence
Sat May 28, 2005 6:15 pm
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