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1. A soft composition, as of flour moistened with water or milk, or of earth moistened to the consistence of dough, as in making potter's ware.

2. Specifically, in cookery, a dough prepared for the crust of pies and the like; pastry dough.

3. A kind of cement made of flour and water, starch and water, or the like, used for uniting paper or other substances, as in bookbinding, etc, also used in calico printing as a vehicle for mordant or colour.

4. A highly refractive vitreous composition, variously coloured, used in making imitations of precious stones or gems. See strass.

5. A soft confection made of the inspissated juice of fruit, licorice, or the like, with sugar, etc.

6. (Science: chemical) The mineral substance in which other minerals are imbedded.

(Science: zoology) Paste eel, the vinegar eel. See Vinegar.

Origin: OF. Paste, F. Pate, L. Pasta, fr. Gr. Barley broth; cf. Barley porridge, sprinkled with salt, to sprinkle. Cf. Pasty, Patty.

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