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1. The act of parting or dividing; the state of being parted; separation; division; distribution; as, the partition of a kingdom. And good from bad find no partition. (Shak)

2. That which divides or separates; that by which different things, or distinct parts of the same thing, are separated; separating boundary; dividing line or space; specifically, an interior wall dividing one part or apartment of a house, an inclosure, or the like, from another; as, a brick partition; lath and plaster partitions. No sight could pass Betwixt the nice partitions of the grass. (Dryden)

3. A part divided off by walls; an apartment; a compartment. Lodged in a small partition.

4. The servance of common or undivided interests, particularly in real estate. It may be effected by consent of parties, or by compulsion of law.

5. A score.

(Science: mathematics) Partition of numbers, the resolution of integers into parts subject to given conditions.

Origin: F. Partition, L. Partitio. See Part.

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Re: PAR proteins

Got the answer. It comes from the word - partition.

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what is the relationship between hemolysis & molecular weigh

is it true that as the lipid water partition coefficient increases, the permeability of lipid increases and the permeability of water lowers. does that mean that a substance w/ a high lipid water partition coeffecient will be able to go through ...

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what does exactly produce egg cell?

In the process, megaspore divides by mitosis forming 8 nuclei and then membranes partition into a multicellular female gametophyte --- the embryo sac. So egg cell should be created by megaspore? But in the book says that embryo sac produces female gamete. I'm so ...

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Protein involved in plasmid partition, the process whereby newly replicated plasmids are distributed properly to daughter cells during cell division. look before asking

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Re: Important unknown nanotech within humans

... the absorption of highly ionized drugs by the digestive system, “Gastro-intestinal absorption of such compounds cannot be explained by the pH-partition hypothesis” http://www.springerlink.com/content/l2xm345400041657/ the existence of an ionic liquid in the gasto-intestinal system is a clear ...

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