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1. One side of a leaf of a book or manuscript. Such was the book from whose pages she sang. (Longfellow)

2. A record; a writing; as, the page of history.

3. The type set up for printing a page.

Origin: F, fr. L. Pagina; prob. Akin to pagere, pangere, to fasten, fix, make, the pages or leaves being fastened together. Cf. Pact, Pageant, Pagination.

1. A serving boy; formerly, a youth attending a person of high degree, especially at courts, as a position of honor and education; now commonly, in England, a youth employed for doin errands, waiting on the door, and similar service in households; in the united states, a boy emploed to wait upon the members of a legislative body. He had two pages of honor on either hand one. (bacon)

2. A boy child.

3. A contrivance, as a band, pin, snap, or the like, to hold the skirt of a woman's dress from the ground.

4. A track along which pallets carrying newly molded bricks are conveyed to the hack.

5. (Science: zoology) Any one of several species of beautiful south American moths of the genus urania.

Origin: F, fr. It. Paggio, LL. Pagius, fr. Gr, dim. Of, a boy, servant; perh. Akin to L. Puer. Cf. Pedagogue, Puerile.

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