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1. A soft, or small, cushion; a mass of anything soft; stuffing.

2. A kind of cushion for writing upon, or for blotting; especially, one formed of many flat sheets of writing paper, or layers of blotting paper; a block of paper.

3. A cushion used as a saddle without a tree or frame.

4. A stuffed guard or protection; especially, one worn on the legs of horses to prevent bruising.

5. (Science: zoology) A cushionlike thickening of the skin one the under side of the toes of animals.

6. A floating leaf of a water lily or similar plant.

7. (Science: medicine) A soft bag or cushion to relieve pressure, support a part, etc.

8. A piece of timber fixed on a beam to fit the curve of the deck.

9. A measure for fish; as, sixty mackerel go to a pad; a basket of soles. Pad cloth, a saddlecloth; a housing. Pad saddle. See def. 3, above. Pad tree, a piece of wood or metal which gives rigidity and shape to a harness pad.

Origin: Perh. Akin to pod.

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... sucrose +/+ Citrate - green - (so this is -) Gelatin showed no liquifaction, so this is - EMB agar - no reaction, so - Catalase - ( no bubbles) PAD Agar - not black, so - Vp - MR was orange...not sure if - or + Urease was a peach/rose color In looking thru Bergy's, I am thinking perhaps E. Coli ...

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Kindly help me fill up this. (NOCARDIA)

Biochemical test for NOCARDIA TSI: Glucose Lactose Sucrose Gas H2s SIM: Sulfide Indole Motility MR VP Sc PAD: dea Urea/ Urease LIA: Decar Dea

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Re: Lateral Flow Assay

1. Does the entire nitrocellulose pad need to be pre-treated? (i.e. treated before aptamers are spotted onto the paper for fixation) And if so, with what? Don't know, sorry. 2. I was recommended to pre-treat my conjugate pad with either 10% ...

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Lateral Flow Assay

... in sample, by using a anti-VEGF aptamer to capture it. My setup has an input where I place in VEGF sample and it wicks up and through a conjugate pad (made of fiber glass) that is saturated in 30 nm gold colloidal particle conjugated to anti-VEGF antibody. These should be moving together, and ...

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... judged a target person as having a “warmer” personality (generous, caring); in study 2, participants holding a hot (versus cold) therapeutic pad were more likely to choose a gift for a friend instead of for themselves. But I'm still saying, that chocolate doesn't taste sweet, because we like ...

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