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Oxidizing agent


noun, plural: oxidizing agents

Any substance that has the ability to oxidize other substance.


An oxidizing agent is a substance that accepts or receives electron from another substance, hence, is consequently reduced. Since it accepts electrons it is also called an electron acceptor.

Most of the oxidizing agents have high oxidation numbers or highly electronegative so that they can gain one or two extra electrons by oxidizing a substance.

Also called: oxidant, oxidizer.

Compare: reducing agent.
See also: redox reaction.

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Using oxidizing agents in gram stain

Considering the fact that Iodine is an oxidizing agent, what would happen if I replaced iodine with another oxidizing agent during the gram staining process ...

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Cellular Respiration help

... name. What about Krebs? ETC obviously does...since it's the greatest oxidizing agent for the electrons through the transport proteins. I also heard that lactic acid can be ...

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What gas is liberated from hydrogen peroxide?

... any catalyst other than those found in living organism. but u can use oxidizing agent (KMnO4+sulfuric acid) or chlorine. It'll produce O2.

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Redox potentials, oxidative metabolism, methylene blue etc.

... One of the more confusing points sometimes is the nomenclature: an oxidizing agent is itself reduced in a spontaneous redox reaction, while a reducing agent is itself oxidized ...

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What is NADP?

... acid and nucleic acid synthesis, which require NADPH as a reducing agent. In chloroplasts, NADP is an oxidizing agent important in the preliminary reactions of photosynthesis. The NADPH produced ...

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