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The process of regulating water potential in order to keep fluid and electrolyte balance within a cell or organism relative to the surrounding.


In biology, osmoregulation is important to organisms to keep a constant, optimal osmotic pressure within the body or cell. It is the way by which an organism maintains suitable concentration of solutes and amount of water in the body fluids. An example employed by organisms is excretion (such as getting rid of metabolic wastes and other substances toxic to the body when they are in large amounts).

See also: osmosis, solute

Reference: animal and plant water regulation tutorial pages for related information in regards to evolutionary adaptations regarding osmoregulation.

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Commercial AFP and Osmotic Pressure Salt Water Fish

... to ensure that the fish doesn't swell / shrink? If I understand it correctly, using regular salinity would be stupid as live fish is on constant osmoregulation because of osmosis (I am going to add the AFP to this solventand soak the fish in it for several minutes) If this method idea I am proposing ...

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Homeostasis connections

... system to fight disease, raising temperature, which is perceived by the nervous system, and then sweating to cool the body which obviously affects osmoregulation, hence the kidneyes and endocrine (ADH - forgotten the hormone, sorry - Anti-diuretic hormone??)(sorry, will go and look up my son's ...

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Liver and Kidney Evolution! Please Help!

... to say about comparative organ sizes. The only data we have is weight. I'm not sure how this can speak to nephron anatomy if it does at all (for osmoregulation and the like). Any help is greatly appreciated! Many thanks!

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The Kidney

... up a website (with an odd name), concerning the kidney. The website is meant to help GCSE students concerning the topics of Ultrafiltration, Osmoregulation and Selective Re-absorption. The website itself will be changed later on to look more professional, and have an easy website name. If ...

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Excretion and Osmoregulation in Phylum Platyhelminthes?

We are study Platyhelminthes in my zoology class and I was trying to read the section on excretion and osmoregulation. It was confusing, and I simply cannot comprehend it at all. Would someone PLEASE help me understand it by either explaining it or helping me find a reliable ...

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Sun Feb 22, 2009 1:33 am
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