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noun, singular: organism

Living things that are capable of reacting to stimuli, reproduction, growth, and homeostasis.


Plants, animals, fungi and microorganisms are examples of organisms. They all consist of monomeric units called cells. Some organisms may function independently or singly (unicellular) whereas others may form many units (multicellular) divided into specialized tissues and organs. Based on cell type, organisms may be divided into prokaryotes and eukaryotes.

Word origin: Greek - organismos, from Ancient Greek organon , meaning "organ, instrument, tool".
Related forms: organismal (adjective), organismic (adjective), organismically (adverb)
See also: superorganism, microorganism.

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Stem Cells

I think you can localize stem cells in lower organisms such as C. elegance by flurochrome labeled antibodies specific to specific proteins of stem cell.

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Wed Sep 03, 2014 9:32 pm
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Database of Multicellular and Unicellular organisms

I'm trying to annotate a list of organisms taken from NCBI for cellularity (unicellular or multicellular). Does any of you ever found a database with association between an organisms' name or taxa and whether it is unicellular or multicellular? ...

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Re: holographic origin of life

... performance of some functions. The latter won’t be observed if the organism is self-regulating (self sustained). B) Testing if feeding identical organisms (clones) with the same food in an identical manner and under identical conditions would produce exactly the same amount of waste products ...

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A question about evolution.

... questions. Was the blueprint of all biological features in the first cell? No, if you believe in evolution from single cell to multicellular organisms. What makes a living thing develop these features? Genetic program. Think of it as a computer program that starts executing at the time of ...

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DNA testing times

... for analysis will depend on how much information the assay provides and how complex a question you are trying to answer. If you are checking two organisms to see whether they are the same species, AND if one of the organisms is known to be a particular species AND if the lab has a proven PCR ...

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Fri Apr 11, 2014 2:47 pm
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