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1. Of or pertaining to vision or sight. The moon, whose orb through optic glass the tuscan artist views. (milton)

2. Of or pertaining to the eye; ocular; as, the optic nerves (the first pair of cranial nerves) which are distributed to the retina.

3. Relating to the science of optics; as, optical works.

(Science: optics) optic angle, a graduated circle used for the measurement of angles in optical experiments. Optical square, a surveyor's instrument with reflectors for laying off right angles.

Origin: F. Optique, Gr.; akin to sight, I have seen, I shall see, and to the two eyes, face, L. Oculus eye. See Ocular, Eye, and cf. Canopy, Ophthalmia.

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Device for ratiometric fluorescence measurement

Hi, In the lab,I use fluorescence spectrometer for the ratiometric fluorescence measurement which needs to measure optical intensity at two different wavelenghts. However, the fluorescence spectrometer is expensive and huge. I am wondering how to build a portable device for the ...

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Re: Green mammals

... melanin amd keratin. The reason many birds, reptiles and amphibians appear green is due to a number of factors, usually having to do with optical phenomenon. The most likely reason why we don't see green mammals (some exceptions exist, to be mentioned shortly) is probably more a consequence ...

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coat structure in white bean seeds

Hi, while observing detached white bean testa in optical microscopy, I saw some long helical structures - seemingly included in thiny walled pipes (not sure of this) and roughly 20 µ large - laying onto the coat plane and assembled in branched bundles ...

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Problem with Lab result

... more light is dispersed and thus less light is passed through. Thus when you dilute your sample, you have less bacteria per volume and thus the optical density decreases.

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Problem with Lab result

... --- 0.1 --- 1:10,000,000 --- 10^7 --- 31 b) how many cells per ml were in the undiluted culture?___I didn't get this answer :oops: Second Part: Optical density determination Dilution --- Optical Density 1:1 --- 30% T; 0.56 A 1:2 --- 50% T ; 0.33 A 1:4 --- 72% T; 0.16 A 1:8 --- 85% T; 0.09 A ...

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Topic: Problem with Lab result
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