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(Science: chemical) A mineral consisting, like quartz, of silica, but inferior to quartz in hardness and specific gravity.

The precious opal presents a peculiar play of colours of delicate tints, and is highly esteemed as a gem. One kind, with a varied play of colour in a reddish ground, is called the harlequin opal. The fire opal has colours like the red and yellow of flame. Common opal has a milky appearance. Menilite is a brown impure variety, occurring in concretions at Menilmontant, near paris. Other varieties are cacholong, girasol, hyalite, and geyserite.

Origin: L. Opalus: cf. Gr, Skr. Upala a rock, stone, precious stone: cf. F. Opale.

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... protein production. If it had stops (stop codons) , then that would be the end of the protein synthesis at that first stop codon, unless amber/opal/ochre tRNA's are considered (phew!), or unlikely editing by APOBEC family...(!). If it had no stop codons whatsoever (very unlikely), then a readthru ...

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I have watched an article about the opal mining in Australia, and how the people had also tried living and making new homes underground. The minerals were so precious that it works for their living. The world has really so much to offer but ...

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... is AUG, which also codes for methionine, but other start codons are also used. The three stop codons have been given names: UAG is amber , UGA is opal (sometimes also called umber), and UAA is ochre . "Amber" was named after its discoverer Harris Bernstein, whose last name means "amber" ...

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Ohoh~~~ Speaking of lobsters, I've seen an opal color lobster. It's rare, but not virtually impossible to have. It's just like a rare eye color in a human. It was indeed rare for fishermen to find an opal color lobster in the deep oceans. :!:

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