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noun, plural: oocytes

(1) A female gametocyte.

(2) A developing female germ cell.


The oocyte is an immature female sex cell. It starts off as an oogonium by the process of oocytogenesis, and matures to give rise to a fully mature ovum or egg cell and ootid (by ootidogenesis).

In humans, the oocytes are of two types:

The counterpart of oocyte in males is spermatocyte.

Word origin: From Ancient Greek ᾠο-, combining form of ᾠόν (egg) + New Latin cyta from Ancient Greek κύτος kutos, (vessel, jar).

Variant: ovocyte, ocyte

Compare: spermatocyte

See also: meiosis, ootidogenesis, oocytogenesis

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This is a long way from being settled. The first suggestive test involved moving bone marrow stem cells to ovaries and getting follicle and oocyte cells - instead of deciding that stem cells could generate new tissue to match their environment, the researchers decided that back-up follicle cells ...

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... FSH levels. d. above normal plasma LH levels & above normal plasma FSH levels. 8. Which of the following induces meiotic progress of a primary oocyte to a secondary oocyte? a. The estradiol surge during the second half of the follicular phase b. The midcycle surge of LH c. Fertilization d. ...

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What phase is responsible for me looking like my father?

... other phase could be, they all look and do the same thing to me.. Also if you could help me on this, How many ovules are produced by each primary oocyte? Its not 2. I apreciate the help, i have to write a paper but i dont understand any of this, i just need a place to start it without making the ...

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maternal mRNA in development

... about the role of maternal mRNA is possible From what I could find on the internet, maternal mRNA seems to be pretty important during human oocyte development, regulating many different aspects of the cell. I've been having trouble finding anything about maternal mRNA in beans (or plants) ...

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... for spindle formation during cell division. -What do they specifically do as microtubule organizing centres? Also in a human ovum (secondary oocyte) a pair of centrioles is absent. This does not seem to confer a selective disadvantage to the ovum.

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