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Oil sugar

oil sugar --> oleosaccharum

A class of preparations made by the trituration of a volatile oil (anise, fennel, lemon, etc.) with sugar; used as a diluent or corrigent of powerful or bad tasting drugs in powder form.

Synonym: oil sugar.

Origin: oleo-_ G. Saccharon, sugar

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Re: How much ATP a person consumes...?

... sweetely and only on sucrose. Let's see what happens when living on oil: 2,000 KCal for our diet / 9 KCal in a gram of fats = 222,2g of fat. ... = 6.874 x 10^25 ATP produced whic is pretty much tha same than on sugar! Figures can be sommehow if we speak of moles instead of molecules. ...

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Re: Poisoned by antibiotics...can anyone help?

... who can help you treat it with natural substances like coconut oil, olive leaf extract, oregano oil and megadoses of vitamin C. The purpose ... is the first treatment consideration. You must eliminate all refined sugar, and greatly reduce or even for a while eliminate high-glycemic carbohydrates ...

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Re: Stomach bloating and weight gain

... wheat, dairy, soy and highly seasoned items and high fat, high sugar items. I would recommend you remove all wheat, diary, soy and other ... coffee i take each day (one small cup now) and take expensive paradox oil (the best quality of fish oil) and vitamins (also the best quality). ...

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can anyone help me answer these biology questions?

... cell - given a carbon skeleton determine what it is (steroid, starch, sugar etc) - what cell can convert light energy to chemical energy? - what ... dont share e- equally - what would happen if you hydrogenate veggie oil? - carbon tends to form what kind(s) of bonds? - what do microfilaments ...

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Threats to estuaries

... on business and industry, and I'm not too convinced by these. Offshore oil drilling, for example, actually helps the environment here because the ... waters. Agriculture is a potential threat, especially as big as the sugar cane industry is around here, but farmers generally don't intrude into ...

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by alextemplet
Fri Aug 08, 2008 3:22 pm
Forum: Ecology
Topic: Threats to estuaries
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