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Nonpolar group

nonpolar group

(Science: chemistry) group in which the electronic charge density is essentially uniform and that cannot therefore interact with other groups by forming hydrogen bonds or by strong dipole dipole interactions.

In an aqueous environment, nonpolar groups tend to cluster together, providing a major force for the folding of macromolecules and formation of membranes. Clusters are formed chiefly because they cause a smaller increase in water structure (decrease in entropy) than dispersed groups.

nonpolar groups interact with each other only by the relatively weak london van der Waals forces.

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... each peptide bond is in the trans conformation and is planar. The amine group of each peptide bond runs generally upward and parallel to the axis ... its polar side chains to an aqueous environment and to shield its nonpolar side chains, there are still some hydrophobic sections on the exposed ...

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ApoE Lipidation in Alzheimer's Disease

... FPP!) its ether bond ;) In some cases, it can be bound through thiol group of cystein (but maybe only the geranyl?) But back to the question, ... will be bound covalently, most will just be sticked by the nonpolar part

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Finding the net charge of amino acid

NH3+---KAPRM---COO- K=Lysine has a charged R group A=ALanine nonpolar so not charged P=Proline (nonpolar) so not charged R=Arginine R group positive) M=nonpolar ...

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I just want to make sure that my hw problems are correct.thk

... I got is C Which of the following is an example of an amino acid with a nonpolar (hydrophobic) R group a. glutamic acid b. isoleucine c. serine d. cysteine e. lysine *The answer I got is a ...

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The Fiber Disease

... two words mean? Phosphorylation is the addition of a phosphate (PO4) group to a protein or a small molecule or "the introduction of a phosphate ... not seem like it would do much to a protein, but it can actually turn a nonpolar hydrophobic protein into a polar and extremely hydrophilic molecule. ...

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