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(In mitosis) The failure of sister chromatids to separate during and after mitosis.

(In meiosis) The failure of homologous chromosomes to segregate or to separate during and after meiosis.


This could result to a condition wherein the daughter cells have an abnormal number of chromosomes; one cell having too many chromosomes while other cell having none.

Examples of nondisjunction:

Related forms: nondisjunctional (adjective).
Related terms: meiotic nondisjunction.

Compare: disjunction.
See also: anaphase.

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Colorblindness Probability Help!

... of an XXY karyotype is about 1 in every 1000 male births, the extra X chromosome coming either from the mother's egg or the father's sperm by nondisjunction during meiosis. Suppose the baby's father has red-green colorblindness. Would you predict that the baby boy with an XXY karyotype would ...

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Using Colchicine for Polyploids

So I was wondering... Colchicine is used to create polyploid plants. It acts as a mitotic spindle poison which can cause nondisjunction of the entire genome. What I was wondering was that if you were to treat a seed with a colchicine solution, is the disjunction of the entire genome ...

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Aneuploidy and Mosaicism

... will lead an organism to unwanted results? Do chromosomes of the same type code for the same genetic information? 2. Mosaicism happens if nondisjunction happens during cell division of an embryo. If a normal disomic cell undergoes mitosis, and one of the outcome is a trisomic cell, then ...

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Regarding Mutation

... Down syndrome. It is the cause of 2–3% of observed cases of Down syndrome. 95% of the observed cases of Trisomy 21 is anueploidy caused by meiotic nondisjunction events in the parental gametes (88% in the female gamete, and 7% in the male gamete).

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... The karyotype was taken from a man that had XYY disorder. The question was how does one go about inheriting the XYY disorder. I explained about nondisjunction during meiosis and subsequent formation of gametes. And also, I think the XYY disorder is actually not necessarily inherited genetically, ...

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Mon Mar 05, 2007 5:00 am
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