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(Science: physiology) protein (17.5 kD) found in red skeletal muscle. It was the first protein for which the tertiary structure was determined by x-ray diffraction, by J.C.Kendrew's group working on sperm whale myoglobin.

It is a single polypeptide chain of 153 amino acids, containing a haem group bonded via its ferric iron to two histidine residues. It binds oxygen noncooperatively and has a higher affinity for oxygen than haemoglobin at all partial pressures. In capillaries oxygen is effectively removed from haemoglobin and diffuses into muscle fibres where it binds to myoglobin which acts as an oxygen store.

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... it increases size as well). On the other side (for endurance training), body requires more oxygen, which comes with capacity of capillaries, myoglobin and mitochondria. Mitochondria also provides energy/ATP. Therefore, there are but one muscle fiber, which change because of required adaptation. ...

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Explain, in general terms, aerobic cellular respiration as it takes place in a skeletal muscle, and describe the role myoglobin plays in this reaction.

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... structural features that are directly related to this function. Furthermore, we have discussed the importance of the distal His (His64) in myoglobin with respects to carbon monoxide binding. Hemoglobin subunits also each have a distal His (His58 for α and His63 for β) that functions in ...

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... genes are produced by several mechanisms which include gene duplication, random mutations, promoter mutations and etc. For example, hemoglobin and myoglobin are both proteins in our blood that carry oxygen but deliver that oxygen under different conditions. Hemoglobin delivers that oxygen as needed ...

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Sorry. :oops: Could have sworn it said "meat", but clearly it says "beet". My mistake; and all that stuff about myoglobin isn't relevant. But I still don't quite understand what exactly was done--be it beet or meat slices.

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