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1. A substance of a reddish brown colour, and when fresh of the consistence of honey, obtained from a bag being behind the navel of the male musk deer. It has a slightly bitter taste, but is specially remarkable for its powerful and enduring odour. It is used in medicine as a stimulant antispasmodic. The term is also applied to secretions of various other animals, having a similar odour.

2. (Science: zoology) The musk deer. See Musk deer (below).

3. The perfume emitted by musk, or any perfume somewhat similar.

4. (Science: botany) The musk plant (Mimulus moschatus). A plant of the genus Erodium (E. Moschatum); called also musky heron's-bill.

A plant of the genus Muscari; grape hyacinth. Musk beaver, a small American fresh water tortoise (Armochelys, or Ozotheca, odorata), which has a distinct odour of musk; called also stinkpot.

Origin: F. Musc, L. Muscus, Per. Musk, fr. Skr. Mushka testicle, orig, a little mouse. See Mouse, and cd. Abelmosk, Muscadel, Muscovy duck, Nutmeg.

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Re: Why do you keep talking about species

... interbreed???? then doesn't that mean that we have NO IDEA what a species is????? but wait, wait, can the giraffe breed with an elephant??? can a musk rat breed with a house cat???? no so what have we learned? maybe our definitions of species isn't perfect CONGRATS move on, gamila is polluting ...

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Fri Jul 24, 2009 8:39 pm
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The Fiber Disease

Cilla, Where did the first hormone replacement medicine come from? urine of donkeys, mules, etc. What was used in musk oil? urine of elephants. You can see the program. Women have two x chromosomes, one is recessive. How to activate it would be quite a challenge wouldn't it? SKytroll

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by Skytroll
Thu Jul 20, 2006 5:00 pm
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