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Having the ability to differentiate to a limited number of cell fates or into closely related family of cells.


Multipotent progenitor cells can give rise to many but limited types of cell. For example, a hematopoietic cell can give rise to several types of blood cells but not into brain cells or other types of cells.

Word origin: multi- ยป Latin multus much, many + - potent, have power, to be able.
Related forms: multipotency (noun).

Compare: unipotent, pluripotent, totipotent.
See also: potent.

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Fetal stem cells

... "Fetal stem cells" are, but i can't really find a definite answer ... On the one hand, i found sources that say fetal stem cells are multipotent stem cells isolatated from aborted fetuses' tissue (which makes more sense to me since the fetal stage begins after Organogenesis) but on ...

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by bananaboat
Sat May 28, 2011 12:43 pm
Forum: Cell Biology
Topic: Fetal stem cells
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Potency of Neurons and Glia

what types of brain cells are multipotent or pluripotent? it seems that radial glia and astrocytes have potential, but what evidence is out there concerning the capabilities of various neurons/glia?

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by jimmystang
Mon Jan 01, 2007 4:48 am
Forum: Physiology
Topic: Potency of Neurons and Glia
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The Fiber Disease

... to include issues of microsystems support for viability and stability enabling self-contained organotypic behavior. At the University of Michigan, multipotent immortalized stem cells will be used to create a multi-component bony organ in vitro, by providing appropriate spatial and temporal cues ...

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by Nadas Moksha
Fri Dec 15, 2006 8:00 am
Forum: Human Biology
Topic: The Fiber Disease
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stem cell

I believe that bone marrow cells are multipotent- they can only become a certain number of cell types. A multipotent cell can become any type of cell, but it can't be used to reproduce an entire organism. A totipotent cell can produce any type ...

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by Khaiy
Mon Apr 03, 2006 4:45 pm
Forum: Cell Biology
Topic: stem cell
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Stem cell research

... the issue isn't about denaturation as much as it is a question of potency. A paper discussing the difference between totipotent, pluripotent, multipotent wouldnt you say stem cell research is merely a way of cheating deahth No more than a vaccine or any other modern medical procedure.

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by senkhisis
Mon Nov 21, 2005 9:00 pm
Forum: Cell Biology
Topic: Stem cell research
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