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1. To become greater in number; to become numerous. When men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them. (gen. Vi. 1)

2. To increase in extent and influence; to spread. The word of god grew and multiplied. (acts xii. 24)

3. To increase amount of gold or silver by the arts of alchemy.

1. To increase in number; to make more numerous; to add quantity to. Impunity will multiply motives to disobedience. (Ames)

2. (Science: mathematics) To add (any given number or quantity) to itself a certain number of times; to find the product of by multiplication; thus 7 multiplied by 8 produces the number 56; to multiply two numbers. See the note under Multiplication.

3. To increase (the amount of gold or silver) by the arts of alchemy.

(Science: machinery) Multiplying gear, gear for increasing speed. Multiplying lens.

(Science: optics) See lens.

Origin: F. Multiplier, L. Multiplicare, fr. Multiplex manifold. See Multitude, Complex.

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