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Origin: OE. Mous, mus, AS. Mus, pl. M<ymac/s; akin to D. Muis, G. Maus, OHG. & Icel. Mus, Dan. Muus, Sw. Mus, Russ. Muishe, L. Mus, Gr. My^s, Skr. Mush mouse, mush to steal. 277. Cf. Muscle, Musk.

1. (Science: zoology) Any one of numerous species of small rodents belonging to the genus mus and various related genera of the family muridae. The common house mouse (mus musculus) is found in nearly all countries. The American white-footed, or deer, mouse (Hesperomys leucopus) sometimes lives in houses. See dormouse, meadow mouse, under Meadow, and harvest mouse.

2. A knob made on a rope with spun yarn or parceling to prevent a running eye from slipping. Same as 2d Mousing.

3. A familiar term of endearment.

4. A dark-coloured swelling caused by a blow.

5. A match used in firing guns or blasting. Field mouse, flying mouse, etc. See Field, Flying, etc. Mouse bird, the piece of beef cut from the part next below the round or from the lower part of the latter.

Synonym: mouse buttock.

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