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(Science: zoology) One of the monotremata.

Origin: cf. F. Monotreme.

monotremes are a very unusual type of animal. There are only two kinds of monotremes in the world, echidnas and platypuses, and they both live only in australia, tasmania, or new guinea.

there are three different groups of mammals: placentals, marsupials and monotremes. Monotremes are generally considered to be a more primitive kind of mammal. They are warm-blooded, have fur, and produce milk to feed their young just like all mammals. The thing that is different about them is that they lay eggs instead of bearing live young. Some parts of their skeletons are more similar to a reptile than to a mammal.

More primitive kinds of mammals such as monotremes would generally have been expected to be outcompeted when more advanced mammals like the placentals evolved; but australia became an island when it split away from what is now Antarctica millions of years ago. It contained no advanced mammals at that time, and its island isolation prevented advanced placental mammals from finding their way there. With no competition from other mammals, the monotremes survived. It is for this same reason that australia contains so many marsupials, which are also considered to be a more primitive kind of mammal.

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What are your country's endemic animals?

... most bizarre and beautifully interesting animals the best example i think being the Echidna and Platypus which are the only 2 world wide "monotremes" (egg laying Mammals) BUT Australia is near the top of the list when it comes to SPECIES DESTRUCTION but we try our best to hide it ...

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Re: Marsupials as Larvae

Some larvae since a milleniums-long symbiosis may have got the attributes of someone else's chromosomes. It is interesting sex chromosomes in monotremes exist as something like of someone else's genes package. http://www.download.bg/upl/attachments/mimikria.6371.jpg

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Re: Why have rodents been so successful?

... predator in parts of Indonesia, rather then the typical mammals). In Australia, in absence of the more common varieties of mammals, marsupials and monotremes filled most niches; however, with the introduction of rodents and rabbits (closely related) the native animals were often not able to compete ...

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Fri Jan 01, 2010 3:51 am
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reptile ancestry

What evidence of reptile ancestry is shown in an early group of mammals called monotremes? well i do have notes on monotremes but its a little confusing, pliz help

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Four Chambered Hearts

... all palaeontology, nothing is certain. There is a paper regarding the potential for the mammalian middle ear being evolved twice independently in monotremes and therians - I'll see if I can find the paper. This was previously thought to be a ridiculous notion given the complexity of the structures ...

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