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1. Manner of doing or being; method; form; fashion; custom; way; style; as, the mode of speaking; the mode of dressing. The duty of itself being resolved on, the mode of doing it may easily be found. (Jer. Taylor) A table richly spread in regal mode. (milton)

2. Prevailing popular custom; fashion, especially in the phrase the mode. The easy, apathetic graces of a man of the mode. (Macaulay)

3. Variety; gradation; degree.

4. (Science: psychology) Any combination of qualities or relations, considered apart from the substance to which they belong, and treated as entities; more generally, condition, or state of being; manner or form of arrangement or manifestation; form, as opposed to matter. Modes I call such complex ideas, which, however compounded, contain not in them the supposition of subsisting by themselves, but are considered as dependencies on, or affections of, substances. (locke)

5. (Science: logic) The form in which the proposition connects the predicate and subject, whether by simple, contingent, or necessary assertion; the form of the syllogism, as determined by the quantity and quality of the constituent proposition; mood.

6. Same as mood.

7. The scale as affected by the various positions in it of the minor intervals; as, the Dorian mode, the ionic mode, etc, of ancient greek music.

In modern music, only the major and t 564 he minor mode, of whatever key, are recognised.

8. A kind of silk. See Alamode.

Synonym: method, manner. See Method.

Origin: L. Modus a measure, due or proper measure, bound, manner, form; akin to E. Mete: cf. F. Mode. See Mete, and cf. Commodious, Mood in grammar, Modus.

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