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Mitotic spindle



The collective term for all the spindle fibers that form during mitosis. It is a spindle-shaped structure that develops outside the nucleus during mitosis. The fibers that constitute the mitotic spindle pull the chromatids apart toward opposite poles.


Synonym: mitotic apparatus

See also: meiotic spindle

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... me that during mitosis, when the cytoskelaton disassembles to make the mitotic spindle, the organelles just float around and they can float into the daughter cell right before ...

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... the chromosome duplicate 2-the 1st stage of miosis is the prophase I -mitotic spindles start to be created and the nucleus starts to disintergrate 3-2nd phase is the methaphase ...

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... Colchicine is used to create polyploid plants. It acts as a mitotic spindle poison which can cause nondisjunction of the entire genome. What I was wondering was ...

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... correct order: a) Chromosomes align at equator, kinetochores attach to spindle fibres, cytokinesis, new nuclear membranes form. b) Interphase, centrioles ... the chromosomes are composed of two chromatids: a) The G1 phase of a mitotic cell cycle. b) Late anaphase of mitosis. c) Late anaphase II ...

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