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(Science: botany) bearing a glutinous fruit. When found upon the oak, where it is rare, it was an object of superstitious regard among the Druids. A bird lime is prepared from its fruit.

Alternative forms: misletoe, misseltoe, and mistleto.

The mistletoe of the united states is Phoradendron flavescens, having broader leaves than the European kind. In different regions various similar plants are called by this name.

Origin: AS. Misteltan; mistel mistletoe _ tan twig. AS. Mistel is akin of D, G, Dan. & Sw. Mistel, OHG. Mistil, Icel. Mistilteinn; and AS. Tan to D. Teen, OHG. Zein, Icel. Teinn, Goth. Tains. Cf. Missel.

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