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1. A looking-glass or a speculum; any glass or polished substance that forms images by the reflection of rays of light. And in her hand she held a mirror bright, Wherein her face she often viewed fair. (Spenser)

2. That which gives a true representation, or in which a true image may be seen; hence, a pattern; an exemplar. She is mirour of all courtesy. (Chaucer) O goddess, heavenly bright, Mirror of grace and majesty divine. (Spenser)

3. (Science: zoology) See speculum.

(Science: zoology) Mirror carp, a domesticated variety of the carp, having only three or fur rows of very large scales side. Mirror plate. A flat glass mirror without a frame. Flat glass used for making mirrors. Mirror writing, a manner or form of backward writing, making manuscript resembling in slant and order of letters the reflection of ordinary writing in a mirror. The substitution of this manner of writing for the common manner is a symptom of some kinds of nervous disease.

Origin: OE. Mirour, F. Miroir, OF. Also mireor, fr. (assumed) LL. Miratorium, fr. Mirare to look at, L. Mirari to wonder. See Marvel, and cf. Miracle, Mirador.

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