1. Anything very minute; as, the minims of existence; applied to animalcula; and the like.

2. The smallest liquid measure, equal to about one drop; the sixtieth part of a fluid drachm.

3. (Science: zoology) A small fish; a minnow.

4. A little man or being; a dwarf.

5. One of an austere order of mendicant hermits of friars founded in the 15th century by St. Francis of Paola.

6. A time note, formerly the shortest in use; a half note, equal to half a semibreve, or two quarter notes or crotchets.

7. A short poetical encomium.

Origin: F. Minime, L. Minimus the least, smallest, a superl. Of minor: cf. It. Minima a note in music. See Minor, and cf. Minimum.

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