1. Imitative; mimetic. Oft, in her absence, mimic fancy wakes To imitate her. (milton) Man is, of all creatures, the most mimical. (W. Wotton)

2. Consisting of, or formed by, imitation; imitated; as, mimic gestures. Mimic hootings.

3. (Science: chemical) imitative; characterised by resemblance to other forms; applied to crystals which by twinning resemble simple forms of a higher grade of symmetry.

mimic often implies something droll or ludicrous, and is less dignified than imitative.

(Science: zoology) mimic beetle, a beetle that feigns death when disturbed, especially. The species of Hister and allied genera.

Origin: L. Mimicus, Gr, fr. Mime: cf. F. Mimique. See Mime.

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