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1. (Science: physiology) A white fluid secreted by the mammary glands of female mammals for the nourishment of their young, consisting of minute globules of fat suspended in a solution of casein, albumin, milk sugar, and inorganic salts. White as morne milk.

2. (Science: botany) A kind of juice or sap, usually white in colour, found in certain plants; latex. See Latex.

3. An emulsion made by bruising seeds; as, the milk of almonds, produced by pounding almonds with sugar and water.

4. (Science: zoology) The ripe, undischarged spat of an oyster. Condensed milk. See condense, milk crust, a special cell in the inner bark of a plant, or a series of cells, in which the milky juice is contained. See latex. Rock milk. See agaric mineral, under Agaric. Sugar of milk. The sugar characteristic of milk; a hard white crystalline slightly sweet substance obtained by evaporation of the whey of milk. It is used in pellets and powder as a vehicle for homeopathic medicines, and as an article of diet. See lactose.

Origin: AS. Meoluc, meoloc, meolc, milc; akin to OFries. Meloc, D. Melk, G. Milch, OHG. Miluh, Icel. Mjok, Sw. Mjolk, Da 416 n. Melk, Goth. Miluks, G. Melken to milk, OHG. Melchan, Lith. Milszti, L. Mulgere, Gr. . Cf. Milch, Emulsion, Milt soft roe of fishes. A white nutritious liquid secreted by mammals and used as food by human beings.Produced by mammary glands of female mammals for feeding their young.A river that rises in the Rockies in northwestern Montana and flows eastward to become a tributary of the Missouri River.Any of several nutritive milklike liquids.A nutritious liquid produced by the [[mammary gland of female mammals to feed their young.

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... to ask you one question, because searching on the web I don't really found a correct answer: seems that ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD know that the milk and his derivates are a good source of calcium, but I red that milk have so much proteins, as a result that all the calcium that it has is used ...

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human dietry evolution since the agricultural revolution?

he just thinks human evolution has been negligible since we were hunter gatherers - and therefore the paleo diet (no milk or cereals) must be better suited to us. I do see the simple appeal of that logic.

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Re: The evolution of facilitation and semelparity

... must necessarily not risk all of your fitness for the current brood. For example, if you were say a cat rearing a litter, you must decide how much milk you are willing to give to your kittens. Giving too much could endanger your life by weakening you physically. At some point you have to compromise ...

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Re: mammary gland of male in mammals

... buds as the breast produces lactose when stimulated with prolactin--the hormone produced primarily during pregnancy and one that is necessary for milk production. Also because of testosterone, the male breast does not have as many lobes (mammary gland tissue) as the female breast has. However, ...

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Beneficial mutations vs harmful

... a person with this kind of mutation suddenly gained a clear advantage over other people by being able to consume protein and energy rich milk of these animals. This person would then have an edge over other people of his time and have more children and better health, and thus the mutation ...

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