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1. Food, in general; anything eaten for nourishment, either by man or beast. Hence, the edible part of anything; as, the meat of a lobster, a nut, or an egg. And god said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, . . . To you it shall be for meat. (gen. I. 29) Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you. (Gen. Ix. 3)

2. The flesh of animals used as food; especially, animal muscle; as, a breakfast of bread and fruit without meat.

3. Specifically, dinner; the chief meal. Meat biscuit. See Biscuit.

(Science: chemical) Meat earth, vegetable mold. Meat fly.

(Science: zoology) An offering of food, especially. Of a cake made of flour with salt and oil. To go to meat, to go to a meal. To sit at meat, to sit at the table in taking food.

Origin: OE. Mete, AS. Mete; akin to OS. Mat, meti, D. Met hashed meat, G. Mettwurst sausage, OHG. Maz food, Icel. Matr, Sw. Mat, Dan. Mad, Goth. Mats. Cf. Mast fruit, Mush.

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Things that cause cancer (in modern humans who live longer)

I was thinking about these two harvard studies. http://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2010/05/processed-meats-come-with-increased-risk-of-heart-disease-diabetes/ http://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2012/03/red-meat-raises-red-flags/ Our oldest ancestors would not have eaten ...

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The Primal/Paleo Diet? Or the Parasite Diet?

... called Primal Diet or Paleo Diet. Some of the ideas may not be too bad. BUT... I am really appalled that people are thinking that eating raw wild meats will improve their health! Parasite hors d'ouveres anyone? I suppose that Parasitology might not be a favorite topic here, in fact I only found ...

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Help with an experiment/question.

... the Effect of ph on catalase in red and white meat which obviously relates to us as we have catalase in our bodies and also we eat red and white meats so several different links to humans can be made but stomata? I'm sort of stuck Any advice is welcome, i am definitely not asking for the work ...

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... that means that it's negative with Salmonella? Is there still a chance for a test for Salmonella be positive or Salmonella to grow again on these meats?

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Re: Stomach bloating and weight gain

... eating or not eating is obviously effecting my shape and what not. i dont eat junk foods, plently of veggies and some fruit each day, fish, other meats, eggs. ive stopped taking regular cows milk (even organic) and stopped eating natural yoghurts, i have switched to an oat milk which is gluten ...

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