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1. Grain (especially. Maize, rye, or oats) that is coarsely ground and unbolted; also, a kind of flour made from beans, pease, etc.; sometimes, any flour, esp. If coarse.

2. Any substance that is coarsely pulverized like meal, but not granulated. Meal beetle, the larva of a beetle (tenebrio molitor) which infests granaries, bakehouses, etc, and is very injurious to flour and meal.

Origin: OE. Mele, AS. Melu, melo; akin to D. Meel, G. Mehl, OHG. Melo, Icel. Mjol, SW. Mjol, Dan. Meel, also to D. Malen to grind, G. Mahlen, OHG, OS, & Goth. Malan, Icel. Mala, W. Malu, L. Molere, Gr. Mill, and E. Mill. Cf. Mill, Mold soil, Mole an animal, Immolate, Molar.

The portion of food taken at a particular time for the satisfaction of appetite; the quantity usually taken at one time with the purpose of satisfying hunger; a repast; the ac or time of eating a meal; as, the traveler has not eaten a good meal for a week; there was silence during the meal. What strange fish Hath made his meal on thee ? (Shak)

Origin: OE. Mel; akin to E. Meal a part, and to D. Maal time, meal, G. Mal time, mahl meal, Icel. Mal measure, time, meal, Goth. Ml time, and to E. Measure. See Measure.

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Fasting and bloodsugar

After a meal, there is increase in the blood sugar level (glucose), which is regulated by Insulin secretion. But during fasting, when there is no food directly provided to the body to get it converted to glucose , blood sugar ...

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by vinu
Sat Mar 01, 2014 10:44 am
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Fasting and bloodsugar

... your reserves - providing you are healthy of course - and so your glucose levels will not fluctuate too much. Of course if you then eat a large meal after fasting your body may take some time to compensate for this and so the levels may get higher. I can't imagine off the top of my head why ...

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by Babybel56
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Diagnosis: black/brown spots on koi scales; picture included

... close you can see little 'eyes'. If they are argulus you can hold the fish and pick them off with tweezers. Put them in water and feed with blood meal, and they might survive for a while. They swim around like little fish. cute! Treatment of the tank is as for any parasite infestation. You can ...

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by animartco
Wed Aug 07, 2013 2:23 pm
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Re: Vagus Nerve

... any further than work. This is because if I sit too long then i have an attack. I cant sleep on my side as this initiates an attack. Also eating a meal makes things worse so i don't eat much now as too scared. my bowels don't work unless i take something and i have been incontinent of urine several ...

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by katrina43
Sat Dec 15, 2012 9:45 pm
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Why do we feel sleepy after eating meal?

... sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner because of the high amounts of tryptophan in turkey? In short, no. They had two guys on the team eat different meals: a big dinner including turkey, a big dinner without the turkey but a protein-rich equivalent, straight-up tryptophan pills, and a regular-sized ...

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by animus
Tue Nov 27, 2012 10:07 pm
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