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1. Brought by natural process to completeness of growth and development; fitted by growth and development for any function, action, or state, appropriate to its kind; full-grown; ripe. Now is love mature in ear. (Tennison) How shall I meet, or how accost, the sage, Unskilled in speech, nor yet mature of age ? (pope)

2. Completely worked out; fully digested or prepared; ready for action; made ready for destined application or use; perfected; as, a mature plan. This lies glowing, . . . And is almost mature for the violent breaking out. (Shak)

3. Of or pertaining to a condition of full development; as, a man of mature years.

4. Come to, or in a state of, completed suppuration.

Synonym: ripe, perfect, completed, prepared, digested, ready.

Mature, ripe. Both words describe fullness of growth. Mature brings to view the progressiveness of the process; ripe indicates the result. We speak of a thing as mature when thinking of the successive stayes through which it has passed; as ripe, when our attention is directed merely to its state. A mature judgment; mature consideration; ripe fruit; a ripe scholar.

Origin: L. Maturus; prob. Akin to E. Matin.

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... branches of native trees or shrubs because they are too open and there is no suitable thickness of branches that will support a nest. Only in very mature trees are there suitable nesting sites, and few people have room for forest giants in their gardens. So, plant the beautiful trees and shrubs ...

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Re: Paramecium don't like sugar?

... who does not eat sugar, nor has he allowed his children to eat it from birth. They do consume honey. His kids are so smart, well mannered, and mature for their age (in their late teens now).

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Use of cDNA when studying splicing

... in a way that to me seemed as if they insinuated that the cDNA samples represented the non-spliced samples. cDNA is, as far as I know, made from mature mRNA which is fully spliced? Could someone please explain this? Thanks

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Sperm Immunity of Womens

... using rats by Lansteiner (1899) and Metchinikoff (1900),[11][12] mice [13] and guinea pigs.[14] The likely reason for this is that sperm first mature at puberty, after immune tolerance is established, therefore the body recognizes them as foreign and mounts an immune reaction against them. ...

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pysequencing and sanger sequencing

... (SPRI) technology, such cleanups can be reliably automated using magnetic bead platforms. The VERSA Nucleic Acid Preparation workstation is a mature, small footprint instrument optimized for quickly preparing samples for loading onto capillary electrophoresis systems. Aurora offers the 8-channel ...

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