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1. To hold or keep in any particular state or condition; to support; to sustain; to uphold; to keep up; not to suffer to fail or decline; as, to maintain a certain degree of heat in a furnace; to maintain a fence or a railroad; to maintain the digestive process or powers of the stomach; to maintain the fertility of soil; to maintain present reputation.

2. To keep possession of; to hold and defend; not to surrender or relinquish. God values . . . Every one as he maintains his post. (Grew)

3. To continue; not to suffer to cease or fail. Maintain talk with the duke. (Shak)

4. To bear the expense of; to support; to keep up; to supply with what is needed. Glad, by his labour, to maintain his life. (Stirling) What maintains one vice would bring up two children. (Franklin)

5. To affirm; to support or defend by argument. It is hard to maintain the truth, but much harder to be maintained by it. (South)

Synonym: to assert, vindicate, allege. See assert.

Origin: oe. Maintenen, f. Maintenir, properly, to hold by the hand; main hand (L. Manus) _ f. Tenir to hold (L.tenere). See manual, and Tenable.

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... retained in the parent cell but daughter cell is lack of replication factor and starts specificaiton 4. the site "niche" for stem cells maintains the replication of adult stem cells but once the cells moves away, specificaiton starts 5. "reciprocal induction" where two neibhouring ...

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... amino acids at the position of different codons. The starting point of the model is a polynucleotide based polypeptide construction process which maintains colinearity between template and product, but may not maintain a coded relationship between amino acids and codons. Among the primitive proteins ...

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Re: resting potential- who is right me or my teacher

A Na+/K+ pump is always active because some Na+ and K+ ions move across the membrane altough they shouldn't. It maintains the resting potential.

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Multicellular prokaryote

... or cluster with each other, but their biological life processes are still the same when grouped together. Each single bacterium in a group still maintains an individual life cycle, and does not depend on the group for survival. ***Also, Cyanobacteria were first classified as plants because of ...

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... the eukaryotic mitochondrion -- the power plant of the cell -- was acquired by virtue of an endosymbiotic event. Endosymbiotic theory essentially maintains that mitochondria arose by virtue of a symbiotic union of prokaryote cells. The nearest living relative to the mitochondrion is thought to ...

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