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(Science: chemistry) a dyestuff extracted from certain lichens (Roccella tinctoria, Lecanora tartarea, etc), as a blue amorphous mass which consists of a compound of the alkaline carbonates with certain colouring matters related to orcin and orcein.

litmus is used as a dye, and being turned red by acids and restored to its blue colour by alkalies, is a common indicator or test for acidity and alkalinity.

(Science: chemistry) litmus paper, unsized paper saturated with blue or red litmus, used in testing for acids or alkalies.

Origin: D. Lakmoes; lak lacker _ moes a thick preparation of fruit, pap, prob. Akin to E. Meat: cf. G. Lackmus. See lac a resinous substance.

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... for Gelatin hydrolysis and to make matters worse it can return both results for casein hydrolysis as well. As far as direction to point you in, A litmus milk test would really be the ideal way to get an answer. Your SIM is most likely non-motile but don't count it out I have been told to look ...

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Please Help Identify My Unkown Bacteria!!

... Bacillus shape (small rods) gram negative non spore forming not acid fast NEGATIVE for casein, starch hydrolysis Produces acid reaction with litmus milk Fermentaion of sucrose, glucose, lactose & mannitol. All with gas production Positive methyl red Neg Simmons Citrate (I did see a little ...

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The litmus milk is pink..

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... - no amylase casein hydrolysis - Lipase + tryptophanase + urea - cysteine desulfurase hydrogen sulfide production. Citrate - phenylalanase - litmus milk - Lysine decarboxylase - I think it's Shigella flexneri, but i would love a second opinion.

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... + Nitrate: + Starch: - Casein Hydrolysis: - Lipase: + Indole: - Urease: - Hydrogen Sulfide: - (but gas was produced) Citrate: + Phenylalanine: - Litmus: + Lysine: + Those are all of the results. I'm pretty positive it is an enterobacter. I just can't decide which species it is. I think E. intermedius.. ...

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