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1. A substance whose parts change their relative position on the slightest pressure, and therefore retain no definite form; any substance in the state of liquidity; a fluid that is not aeriform.

liquid and fluid are terms often used synonymously, but fluid has the broader signification. All liquids are fluids, but many fluids, as air and the gases, are not liquids.

2. A letter which has a smooth, flowing sound, or which flows smoothly after a mute; as, l and r, in bla, bra. M and n also are called liquids. Liquid measure, a measure, or system of measuring, for liquids, by the gallon, quart, pint, gill, etc.

1. Flowing freely like water; fluid; not solid. Yes, though he go upon the plane and liquid water which will receive no step. (Tyndale)

2. (Science: physics) being in such a state that the component parts move among themselves, but do not tend to separate from each other as the particles of gases and vapors do; neither solid nor aeriform; as, liquid mercury, in distinction from mercury solidified or in a state of vapor.

3. Flowing or sounding smoothly or without abrupt transitions or harsh tones. Liquid melody.

4. Pronounced without any jar or harshness; smooth; as, l and r are liquid letters.

5. Fluid and transparent; as, the liquid air.

6. Clear; definite in terms or a 4d7 mount. Though the debt should be entirely liquid. liquid glass. See soluble glass, under glass.

Origin: L. Liquidus, fr. Liquere to be fluid or liquid; cf. Skr. Ri to ooze, drop, li to melt.

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liquids are basically incompressible, thus if you lower radius of your pipeline, you need to increase speed of the liquid, otherwise it had to accumulate somewhere.

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