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1. The act of limiting; the state or condition of being limited; as, the limitation of his authority was approved by the council. They had no right to mistake the limitation . . . Of their own faculties, for an inherent limitation of the possible modes of existence in the universe. (j. S. Mill)

2. That which limits; a restriction; a qualification; a restraining condition, defining circumstance, or qualifying conception; as, limitations of thought. The cause of error is ignorance what restraints and limitations all principles have in regard of the matter whereunto they are applicable. (Hooker)

3. A certain precinct within which friars were allowed to beg, or exercise their functions; also, the time during which they were permitted to exercise their functions in such a district.

4. A limited time within or during which something is to be done. You have stood your limitation, and the tribunes Endue you with the people's voice. (Shak)

5. A certain period limited by statute after which the claimant shall not enforce his claims by suit. A settling of an estate or property by specific rules.

a restriction of power; as, a constitutional limitation. To know one's own limitations, to know the reach and limits of one's abilities.

Origin: L. Limitatio: cf. F. Limitation. See limit.

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