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1. (Science: botany) a shrub of the genus syringa. There are six species, natives of Europe and asia. Syringa vulgaris, the common lilac, and s. Persica, the persian lilac, are frequently cultivated for the fragrance and beauty of their purplish or white flowers. in the British colonies various other shrubs have this name.

2. a light purplish colour like that of the flower of the purplish lilac.

(Science: botany) California lilac, a low shrub with dense clusters of purplish flowers (Ceanothus thyrsiflorus).

Origin: sp. Lilac, lila, Ar.lilak, fr. Per. Lilaj, lilanj, lilang, nilaj, nil, the indigo plant, or from the kindred lilak bluish, the flowers being named from the colour. Cf. Anil.

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... two enzymes, each catalyzing a step in the biosynthetic pathway for the blue pigment, and that the biosynthetic pathway has a different-colored (lilac) intermediate. The electrophoresis pattern shown in the top row reveals a single enzyme present and corresponds to white petals observed. If the ...

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I have attached a question from a past paper that is confusing me. The answer on the MS is (white) blue lilac white I have absolutely no idea why the second and third are correct. I have presumed that with no enzyme there will be no colour change so the petals will remain white ...

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... color A or Aa agouti (tabby) cscs Siamese (Coat color with points Mask on face, legs, tail) dd dilute color (with Bb = blue (gray) with bb = lilac) aa non-agouti (solid color) bb brown or chocolate ww non-white Challenge 1: Mate a chocolate, (Dd), Siamese, tabby (AA) female with a lilac, ...

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... 3 inches long. The leaves are placed about every 3 inches up the stock, randomly. The flower is very fragrant (flowery). Perhaps like a strong lilac smell. Toward the top of the stock are flowers. They are spherical, just smaller than a baseball and round like a baseball. The sphere itself ...

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What in the world??!?

ps - Neat pictures! I think those would be so fun to see live, I never have. Move to Sussex, Wisconsin--I just saw a second one around the same lilac bush. I tried snapping a few quick photos, but couldn't get a clear shot before he/she/it took off! I'll be tryin in the next few days, though, ...

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