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noun, plural: ligands

(1) A molecule, ion or atom bonded to the central metal atom of a coordination compound.

(2) Any substance (e.g. hormone, drug, functional group, etc.) that binds specifically and reversibly to another chemical entity to form a larger complex.


A ligand may function as agonist or antagonist.

Many ligands are found in biological systems, such as cofactors and porphyrin in hemoglobin.

Word origin: From Latin ligandus, gerundive of ligare ‘to bind’.

Related term: ligand gated ion channels

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High-throughput protein-structure determination

... determination method, but I didn't receive details. I'm searching original article of the method. hint of the method: If you have one protein(P)-ligand(L) complex structure, you can also get easily( high-throughput ) other complex structures that same protein bound other ligands. P-L1 complex ...

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You can use any ligand you want. For applications look up PubMed.

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In Systematic evolution of Ligands by Exponential Enrichment a resin column attached with ATP is used for desired ligand development . This ATP give the desire ligand a property for binding tightly with ATP. Should we used any other drug ?

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Intrinsic apoptosis in erythrocytes

... of generating cytochrome c to attach to a CARD domain and assemble the apoptosome? Or are they dependent on killer lymphocytes to bind via the fas ligand and activate procaspase 8 or 10 in extrinsic apoptosis? Do red blood cells even have fas ligand receptors for this process? Or is there an entirely ...

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Did learning this make you guys atheists?

... a gene encoding, say, a protein for converting chemical X into Y, and then just removing one nucleotide results in the protein, say, acting as a ligand and telling drosophila melanogaster to grow legs on the head rather than on the body. Anyone else have similar stories?

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