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noun, plural: lives

(1) A distinctive characteristic of a living organism from dead organism or non-living thing, as specifically distinguished by the capacity to grow, metabolize, respond (to stimuli), adapt, and reproduce

(2) The biota of a particular region


There is no consensus regarding the answer to the question as to when does life begin. Does it begin at the time of fertilization or the time before or after that? The origin of life is also contestable. Despite of the irresolute answer for questions about life, the basic characteristics of a living thing are as follows:

  • with an organized structure performing a specific function
  • with an ability to sustain existence, e.g. by nourishment
  • with an ability to respond to stimuli or to its environment
  • capable of adapting
  • with an ability to germinate or reproduce

Word origin: Old English līf (life, body) Related term(s):

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... Forum & Expo (SIBIFE-3) will join forces to stage one of the world’s most influential and fruitful annual conferences for the genomics and life science industries. It will bring together a diverse group of attendees and provide a platform to discuss recent advances and establish new collaborations. ...

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to indispensable stretch

... relations druk katalogow Congruous is not thriving to be able to information this given of openness with all and mixed that they upon across in life. So this is no uncertainty to be token to a limited druk kalendarzy heaping up of people. But this is not inexorably thriving to be a grotty liking, ...

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Microevolution verus Macroevolution

I don't understand how there could be any difference between micro and macro evolution. Surely any life form large enough to contain genes would evolve in exactly the same way? The genes don't really care how big an organism is going to grow. Their job is simply to provide ...

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