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1. Bound or obliged in law or equity; responsible; answerable; as, the surety is liable for the debt of his principal.

2. Exposed to a certain contingency or casualty, more or less probable; with to and an infinitive or noun; as, liable to slip; liable to accident.

Synonym: Accountable, responsible, answerable, bound, subject, obnoxious, exposed.

liable, subject. Liable refers to a future possible or probable happening which may not actually occur; as, horses are liable to slip; even the sagacious are liable to make mistakes. Subject refers to any actual state or condition belonging to the nature or circumstances of the person or thing spoken of, or to that which often befalls one. One whose father was subject to attacks of the gout is himself liable to have that disease. Men are constantly subject to the law, but liable to suffer by its infraction. Proudly secure, yet liable to fall. (Milton) All human things are subject to decay. (Dryden)

Origin: From f. Lier to bind, L. Ligare. Cf. Ally, ligature.

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... is thus: ⋅ The negative ioniser generates negative ions (if it's not, that's misleading and the company that sold the product would be liable to Trading Standards in the UK). ⋅ Opposite charges attract. ⋅ Negative ions are drawn to positive ions. ⋅ When ...

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well, if i were to guess, i would have to say that a larger solute would take less energy since it would be less liable to slip through the membrane. in class we barely went over the topic of osmosis so i'm not exactly sure of what a large solute like sugar would do vs a small ...

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... -and safe) to remove? Secondly does this plaque coat all the blood vessels all over the body in a uniform way -or are some types more liable to have it than others? (I am not asking where it might pose a danger -just where it would be found)

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... him, I don't doubt this is the case, it would just be that their descendants never successfully copied their Y-Chromosome. All other genes are liable to come from any of the other individuals that left with him, as they would undoubtedly have also left descendants; just none of them had a successful ...

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... save mother earth but God gave us the power of wisdom so we can think wisely and act bravely. We are the one who start this problem so we are all liable to its effect. Let's start moving and acting, its not too late. The effects of "Global Warming" is already felt by every organisms ...

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