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noun, singular: leucocyte

Cells of the immune system that defend the body against various infectious diseases and foreign materials.


They are produced and derived from a multipotent cell in the bone marrow, called hematopoietic stem cell. They are called white blood cells because when whole blood is centrifuged, these cells separate into a thin layer that is typically white in color.

There are two types of leucocytes according to the presence of differently staining granules in their cytoplasm. The granulocytes (also known as polymorphonuclear leucocytes) are leucocytes with very distinctive cytoplasmic granules, e.g. neutrophils, basophils and esoniphils. The second is agranulocytes (mononuclear leucocytes), which are characterized by the lack of apparent granules, e.g. lymphocytes, monocytes and macrophages.

Word origin: from Greek leukos - white, and kytos - cell.
Also spelled as: leukocyte.
Related forms: leukocytic (adjective), leukocytoid (adjective)
Synonym: white blood cells
Compare: erythrocytes
See also: blood, granulocytes, agranulocytes

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1) may be red cells (I really don't know well) 2)red cells lined together 3)Leucocytes(white blood cells) (dots may be the nucleus if it) :roll:

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tumor metastasis

... tumour tends to migrate to. (They can remain dormant for years - though I don't know whether that's (a) as CTCs (b) as small collections (with leucocytes as well, I believe) adhering to the walls of the capillaries at the secondary site or (c) non-proliferating micro-met colonies in the secondary ...

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Composition of white blood cells.

... help me =) http://www.ivy-rose.co.uk/Topics/Blood_Structure&Functions.htm This link says that basophils are 60-70% of leucocytes, neutrophils 2-4%, eosinophils 0.5%. http://www.funsci.com/fun3_en/blood/blood.htm http://www.ndsu.nodak.edu/instruct/tcolvill/435/granulocytes.htm ...

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... blood and lymph? & what is the differences between blood and lymph in: 1:glucose 2:protein molecule 3:oxygen 4:waste material 5:erythrocytes 6:leucocytes 7:platelet

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Granular and agranular leucocyte?

Well as their name implies granular leucocytes have granules, while agranular do not. Granules are composed mainly of lysosomes from what i remember, and depending on the type of cell, have different affinities for laboratory dyes. for example ...

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