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1. (Science: botany) An oval or roundish fruit resembling the orange, and containing a pulp usually intensely acid. It is produced by a tropical tree of the genus Citrus,the common fruit known in commerce being that of the species c. Limonum or c. Medica (var. Limonum). There are many varieties of the fruit, some of which are sweet.

2. The tree which bears lemons; the lemon tree.

(Science: botany) lemon grass, a white crystalline substance, inappropriately named, as it consists of an acid potassium oxalate and contains no citric acid, which is the characteristic acid of lemon; called also salis of sorrel. It is used in removing ink stains. See oxalic acid, under oxalic.

Origin: f. Limon, Per. Limn; cf. Ar.laimn, sp. Limon, It. Limone. Cf. Lime a fruit.

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... includes all aspects from lifestyle to nutrition to sun exposure, etc.... It started when i was getting into instinctive nutrition. I was eating a lemon thinking... Why does my body love citrus so much? Did my ancestors love citrus! Where did they live? Did they live in some type of bountiful utopia? ...

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Re: Stomach bloating and weight gain

Suggestion - Every time you take warm water with few lemon drops in it. Very Soon you will find the changes in you.

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by bachapan
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Re: Odd food poisoning-like symptoms, strange tastes

... drinking water only neutralizes the ammonia fast relief can come from alkaline foods like sea-weeds spirulina, wheat grass etc. i would advise hot lemon tea however must of you have scraped your insides and lemon is Acidic outside the body but alkaline inside i'm not sure it will give you relief. ...

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Biuret, Iodine, Benedict's test

... Does the following contain Reducing Sugar and/or Starch? (one experiment for reducing sugar, another experiment for starch) onion juice lemon juice potato juice sucrose glucose solution 1 glucose solution 2 glucose solution 3 water reducing sugar starch artificial sweetener Biuret test ...

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Lactic acid vs lactate in sweat

... salts? In such case, why can't I detect lactic acid like one observes an electric potential in citric acid with copper and zinc electrodes ("lemon battery")? Would the presence of Na with acetic acid be in equilibrium with sodium acetate? I'm aware that if lactic acid were detected so ...

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