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1. To gain knowledge or information of; to ascertain by inquiry, study, or investigation; to receive instruction concerning; to fix in the mind; to acquire understanding of, or skill; as, to learn the way; to learn a lesson; to learn dancing; to learn to skate; to learn the violin; to learn the truth about something. Learn to do well. Now learn a parable of the fig tree. (Matt. Xxiv. 32)

2. To communicate knowledge to; to teach. Hast thou not learned me how to make perfumes ? (Shak)

learn formerly had also the sense of teach, in accordance with the analogy of the french and other languages, and hence we find it with this sense in Shakespeare, Spenser, and other old writers. This usage has now passed away. To learn is to receive instruction, and to teach is to give instruction. He who is taught learns, not he who teaches.

Origin: oe. Lernen, leornen, as. Leornian; akin to os. Linon, for lirnon, OHG. Lirnen, lernen, g. Lernen, fr. The root of as. Lran to teach, os. Lerian, OHG.leran, g. Lehren, goth. Laisjan, also goth lais i know, leis acquainted (in comp); all prob. From a root meaning, to go, go over, and hence, to learn; cf. As. Leoran to go . Cf. Last a mold of the foot, lore.

to acquire knowledge or skill; to make progress in acquiring knowledge or skill; to receive information or instruction; as, this child learns quickly. Take my yoke upon you and learn of me. (Matt. Xi. 29) to learn by heart. See By heart, under heart. To learn by rote, to memorize by repetition without exercise of the understanding. Find out, learn, or determine with certainty, usually by making an inquiry or other effort; I want to see whether she speaks French; See whether it works; find out if he speaks Russian; Check whether the train leaves on time.Acquire or gain knowledge or skills; She learned dancing from her sister; I learned Sanskrit; Children acquire language at an amazing rate.

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