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1. Exceeding most other things of like in bulk, capacity, quantity, superficial dimensions, or number of constituent units; big; great; capacious; extensive; opposed to small; as, a nlarge horse; a large house or room; a large lake or pool; a large jug or spoon; a large vineyard; a large army; a large city.

For linear dimensions, and mere extent, great, and not large, is used as a qualifying word; as, great length, breadth, depth; a great distance; a great height.

2. Abundant; ample; as, a large supply of provisions. We hare yet large day. (Milton)

3. Full in statement; diffuse; full; profuse. I might be very large upon the importance and advantages of education. (Felton)

4. Having more than usual power or capacity; having broad sympathies and generous impulses; comprehensive; said of the mind and heart.

5. Free; unembarrassed. Of burdens all he set the Paynims large. (Fairfax)

6. Unrestrained by decorum; said of language. Some large jests he will make.

7. Prodigal in expending; lavish.

8. Crossing the line of a ships course in a favorable direction; said of the wind when it is abeam, or between the beam and the quarter. at large. Without restraint or confinement; as, to go at large; to be left at large. Diffusely; fully; in the full extent; as, to discourse on a subject at large. Common at large. See Common, Electors at large, representative at large, electors, or a representative, as in Congress, chosen to represent the whole of a state, in distinction from those chosen to represent particular districts in a state. To give, go, run, or sail large, to have the wind crossing the direction of a vessels course in such a way that the sails feel its full force, and the vessel gains its highest speed. See large.

Synonym: big, bulky, huge, capacious, comprehensive, ample, abundant, plentiful, populous, copious, diffusive, liberal.

Origin: f, fr. L. Largus. Cf. Largo.

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