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1. A gliding, slipping, or gradual falling; an unobserved or imperceptible progress or passing away,; restricted usually to immaterial things, or to figurative uses. The lapse to indolence is soft and imperceptible. (Rambler) Bacon was content to wait the lapse of long centuries for his expected revenue of fame. (i. Taylor)

2. A slip; an error; a fault; a failing in duty; a slight deviation from truth or rectitude. To guard against those lapses and failings to which our infirmities daily expose us. (Rogers)

3. The termination of a right or privilege through neglect to exercise it within the limited time, or through failure of some contingency; hence, the devolution of a right or privilege.

4. A fall or apostasy.

Origin: L. Lapsus, fr. Labi, p. P. Lapsus, to slide, to fall: cf. F. Laps. See sleep.

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... in brain weight, viz. sex, body size, age of death, nutritional state in early life, source of the sample, occupational group, cause of death, lapse of time after death, temperature after death, anatomical level of severance, presence or absence of cerebrospinal fluid, of meninges, and of blood-vessels. ...

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Hi guys, i'm just about to start shooting a time-lapse music video in which the subjects are a pigs head, mostly soft fruits and flowers. I'm shooting on expensive 35mm film, over a 6-8 week period (1800 individual frames), so I really can't afford ...

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