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(Science: anatomy) two glands situated in the upper posterior abdominal cavity, one on either side of the vertebral column.

The kidneys are shaped like two large beans, and act as a filter. The kidney function is to filter the blood and control the level of some chemicals in the blood such as hydrogen, sodium, potassium, and phosphate and they eliminate waste in the form of urine. Either of two bean-shaped excretory organs that filter wastes (especially urea) from the blood and excrete them and water in urine; urine passes out of the kidney through ureters to the bladder.A type of organ in vertebrates responsible for regulating secretion and osmoregulation. Filtration at the site of the glomerulus in the bowmans Capsule while the loops of Henle are responsible for 'sucking up waste material to be excreted by the organism.Much of the water that is used in our bodies has already been reabsorbed at least once by our kidney.

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