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1. To pass by a spring or leap; to overleap; as, to jump a stream.

2. To cause to jump; as, he jumped his horse across the ditch.

3. To expose to danger; to risk; to hazard. To jump a body with a dangerous physic. (Shak)

4. To join by a butt weld. To thicken or enlarge by endwise blows; to upset.

5. To bore with a jumper. To jump a claim, to enter upon and take possession of land to which another has acquired a claim by prior entry and occupation. See Claim. To jump one's bail, to abscond while at liberty under bail bonds.

1. To spring free from the ground by the muscular action of the feet and legs; to project one's self through the air; to spring; to bound; to leap. Not the worst of the three but jumps twelve foot and a half by the square. (Shak)

2. To move as if by jumping; to bounce; to jolt. The jumping chariots. A flock of geese jump down together. (Dryden)

3. To coincide; to agree; to accord; to tally; followed by with. It jumps with my humor. to jump at, to spring to; hence, fig, to accept suddenly or eagerly; as, a fish jumps at a bait; to jump at a chance.

Origin: akin to od. Gumpen, dial. G. Gumpen, jumpen.

1. The act of jumping; a leap; a spring; a bo 9ad und. To advance by jumps.

2. An effort; an attempt; a venture. Our fortune lies upon thisjump. (Shak)

3. The space traversed by a leap.

4. (Science: chemical) a dislocation in a stratum; a fault.

5. An abrupt interruption of level in a piece of brickwork or masonry. From the jump, from the start or beginning. Jump joint. A butt joint. A flush joint, as of plank in carvel-built vessels. Jump seat. A movable carriage seat. A carriage constructed with a seat which may be shifted so as to make room for second or extra seat. Also used adjectively; as, a jump-seat wagon.

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