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1. Zealous; solicitous; vigilant; anxiously watchful. I have been very jeolous for the lord god of hosts. (kings xix. 10) How nicely jealous is every one of us of his own repute! (dr. H. More)

2. Apprehensive; anxious; suspiciously watchful. 'This doing wrong creates such doubts as these, Renders us jealous and disturbs our peace. (Waller) The people are so jealous of the clergy's ambition. (Swift)

3. Exacting exclusive devotion; intolerant of rivalry. Thou shalt worship no other God; for the lord, whose name is jealous, is a jealous god. (ex. Xxxiv. 14)

4. Disposed to suspect rivalry in matters of interest and affection; apprehensive regarding the motives of possible rivals, or the fidelity of friends; distrustful; having morbid fear of rivalry in love or preference given to another; painfully suspicious of the faithfulness of husband, wife, or lover. If the spirit of jealousy come upon him, and he be jealous of his wife. (Num. V. 14) To both these sisters have i sworn my love: Each jealous of the other, as the stung Are of the adder. (Shak) It is one of the best bonds, both of chastity and obedience, in the wife, if she think her husband wise; which she will never do if she find him jealous. (Bacon)

Synonym: Suspicious, anxious, envious.

jealous, Suspicious. Suspicious is the wider term. We suspect a person when we distrust his honesty and imagine he has some bad design. We are jealous when we suspect him of aiming to deprive us of what we dearly prize. Iago began by awakening the suspicions of Othello, and converted them at last into jealousy. Suspicion may be excited by some kind of accusation, not supported by evidence sufficient for conviction, but sufficient to trouble the repose of confidence. Jealousy is a painful apprehension of rivalship in cases that are peculiarly interesting to us.

Origin: oe. Jalous, gelus, OF. Jalous, f. Jaloux, LL. Zelosus zealous, fr. Zelus emulation, zeal, jealousy, gr. See Zeal, and cf. Zealous.

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... the top of that, but I am not sure whether the top hen is always the cockerels favourite. We seem to be about the only species where females get jealous of other females stealing their male. Very odd!

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... is way far more advanced then ours. Its the same as saying I know this one guy and his thought process is way more then I can fathom. Am I jealous or do I feel inferior to him? Maybe, but I would want to learn from him. I feel it is time we realize that we need to start to look at things ...

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... introduced to the day age theories, and the gap theory which as you might know are a "marrying" of scripture and evolution. I was always jealous for the scripture though and I never accepted or rejected those theories--just shelved them. I had seen God answer prayer--sometimes with no ...

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... myself wrong. I need to not try to answer scientific questions when I have a hangover. That long-term experiment stuff is cool, though. Makes me jealous this guy gets to do this for a living. Oh wait, that's why I'm going to school!

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... of her own. I went from being an awkward girl, to a young woman, who now embraces (almost) all aspects of herself and life. PEOPLE GET JEALOUS WHEN THEY SEE SOMETHING SO UNIQUE AND RARE. IT'S TYPICAL FOR MANY TO REACT IN A DEFENSIVE MANNER; WE KNOW BETTER, BECAUSE WE'RE ON OUR TOES. ...

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