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Ion Pump

A vacuum pump that removes gas by ionizing the atoms or molecules and adsorbing them on a metal surface.A protein responsible to the active transport of ions across a membrane.ion pump

a membranal complex of proteins that is capable of transporting ions against a concentration Gradient using the energy from atp.

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... story: while an undergrad, I spent a summer working in a state occupational safety lab. My duties included cleaning the glassware used in air quality ... glass tube. Air was drawn through the impinger by a battery-powered pump and airborne chemicals could be caught in the liquid. The liquid was ...

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Okay I'll do the 4. questions first because I'm relatively sure I can answer them correctly. The SA node sends ... and just the reverse for epinephrine. 1. Stroke volume in the amount of blood pumped from a single ventricle and so is entirely dependent on the size of the ventricle ...

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Pls. I need help with my hw

... active transport using a antiport The rate of facilitated diffusion of glucose through GLUT4 transported on skeletal muscle occurs fast EXCEPT? ... cell membrane transport? A) requires ATP B) It requires a protein pump C) It is transport mechanisms of moving ions from an area of low to ...

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Na+/K+ ATPase

The Na+/K+ ATPase (the sodium pump) moves 3Na+ out of and 2K+ into cell cytoplasm. Each ion moves up its electrochemical gradient. In a normal cell, why don't Na+ ions enter and K+ ions leave ...

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Active transport

1) on the side from which it is supposed to pump the ion, otherwise it would pump it in the other direction ;) 2) e)

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Sat Sep 18, 2010 8:55 pm
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